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Faith Without Work Is Dead 

Thinking of Becoming A Virtual Coffeehouse Member? Read This First

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6 Reasons to join The Tribe
How to Survive a Stolen Hebrew Identity

  • I don't know what to believe about God through mixed messages.

  • I am not knowledgeable or motivated to read the Bible personally. 

  • Many Pastors focus on prosperity and reciprocity, not Satan or sin. 

  •  I can trust that their Spiritual Leaders are competent Bible teachers.

  •  I will be inspired or provoked to learn on my own time schedule.

  •  I can belong to a Bible community focused on my personal growth.


Do you spend time trying to figure out if Negroes are God's chosen people? Yes, we are! It is evident in the curses that continue to plague the African American population. Considering our generational movements:


The Civil Rights Movement, The Black Panther, and now The Black Lives Matter Movement have won many Battles, but lost the wars. 


It is because the Bible says God will redeem us as His own, just like He did for the Israelites when Pharaoh was forced to let His people go.  Now is the time to get back to the basics and learn why Negroes are God's Chosen People, and discover what is required of you!


When you join this Christian awakening. You will begin to understand what it means to be set free.  Here is where you start:

  1. Believing Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world (John 14:6).

  2. Understand that there is a biblical awakening of God's Chosen People (Romans 11:25-32). 

Join this Christain Coffeehouse to learn of the biblical black heritage that is not taught in most churches.

Start here, and you are on your way!

Join the Tribe

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3 Simple Solutions That Work for Subscribers

  •  Receive Spiritual Growth Emails With Informative Bible Content.
  •  Acquire Discount E-Booklets On Bible Commentary and Sermon Summaries

  •  Get Notification of Affiliated Christian Hebrew Conferences and Ministry Events

Become a Tribe Member Today!
Be prepared  to  learn why African American Negroes are God's Chosen People

Let the message of Christ dwell among yo

  • Our Virtual Christian Coffeehouse will motivate you to read the Bible and understand it better than you already do.  

  • We offer downloadable easy-to-read content and commentary for you to learn, share with others and defend the faith against the antichrist movement. 

  • Spirit of the Well provides resources that will allow you to explore the demonic and subtle tactics Satan uses to mislead your loved ones.

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