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Faith Without Work Is Dead 

Thinking of Becoming A Virtual Coffeehouse Member? Read This First

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6 Reasons to join The Tribe
How to Survive a Stolen Hebrew Identity

  • I don't know what to believe about God through mixed messages.

  • I am not knowledgeable or motivated to read the Bible personally. 

  • Many Pastors focus on prosperity and reciprocity, not Satan or sin. 

  •  I can trust that their Spiritual Leaders are competent Bible teachers.

  •  I will be inspired or provoked to learn on my own time schedule.

  •  I can belong to a Bible community focused on my personal growth.

Always Stay Connected
3 Simple Solutions That Work for Subscribers

  •  Receive Spiritual Growth Emails With Informative Bible Content. 

  •  Acquire Discount E-Booklets On Bible Commentary and Sermon Summaries

  •  Get Notification of Affiliated Christian Hebrew Conferences and Ministry Events

Become a Tribe Member Today!
Be prepared  to  learn why African American Negroes are God's Chosen People

Let the message of Christ dwell among yo

  • Our Virtual Christian Coffeehouse will motivate you to read the Bible and understand it better than you already do.  

  • We offer downloadable easy-to-read content and commentary for you to learn, share with others and defend the faith against the antichrist movement. 

  • Spirit of the Well provides resources that will allow you to explore the demonic and subtle tactics Satan uses to mislead your loved ones.

  • A ministry membership affirms that you are not alone or miseducated in your black Hebrew beliefs. You belong to a knowledgeable Bible-based Christian community.  ($60.00 monthly Value). 

  • Video training on the fundamentals of the Christian faith. resources make it easy to study the Bible fast with access to vetted Christian leaders  (($80.00 monthly Value). 

  • Bible commentary places you on the fast track to asking questions, initiating personal research, and learning the Bible in the proper context for logical understanding.  ($70.00 monthly Value). 


  • Get spiritual inspiration from Yah, improve your prayer life, build up your faith and help others heal from their Black Lives Matter wounds.  (Priceless)!

This Membership offer include

Over  $210.00  Monthly Value!

You Pay:  $24.99 Per Month

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