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The Keeper: Testimonial

The Keeper

Greetings! I'm Shannon, the Keeper of this Well. So thrilled to have created this space for individuals like us. A few years ago, I moved beyond exclusive religious traditions to take responsibility for my biblical knowledge as a Christian. Nurturing spiritual growth requires intentional effort, which can be challenging. In my journey, it seemed my efforts fell short—prayers, church service, and other activities seemed inadequate. Even reading the Bible sometimes felt lacking. Yet, my faith endured, and I believe yours can too. Discovering my authentic biblical identity has opened a spiritual door that no one can close (Revelation 3:8). It became evident that God was preparing me for a ministry like this one. Let's discuss it further below.

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Throughout my life, I have prayed intently. I cried tears of joy and pain and even broke strongholds as I stumbled along this narrow path of righteousness. I have since conceded to the fact that I may always feel a level of inadequacy. It occurred to me that Satan's most excellent tools are distraction and discouragement against God's people. ​If you can relate, consider this. The vicious cycle of "never enough" could be a prompting from the Holy Spirit, reminding us that we have fallen short in our development of spiritual gifts and intellect. So I challenge you to find your way and draw closer to the Lord. This website is a great place to start, and I am pleased you are here.

I want you to know that there is an awakening occurring among God's chosen people. My research has confirmed that African Americans (Negroes) are of the Tribe of Judah. Our Ancestors settled in the Sahara Desert of Africa, a place documented on 1700 British Maps as Negroland. It is located directly above The Upper of Proper Guinea. It is identified as the Kingdom of Juda(h)-- just google it yourself. This historical discovery connects Negroes to our biblical heritage and solidifies us as God's people. It is where we can stake our claim as His chosen and begin embracing Yahweh from a new perspective.

When I initially set out to research our Christian Hebrew identity, I had no intention of sharing what I learned, but due to the sporadic bits of online resources, there was a void of information. In my effort to bridge the gap, I discovered a few reputable pastors, leaders, and researchers who painted a refined picture of our biblical history as African Americans. Collectively, they provided a solid understanding of black heritage and scientific authentication aligned with biblical studies.

​Spirit of the Well is my calling.  I sense a strong obligation to share what I am learning about our black heritage because I understand where it all emanates from biblically. Knowing the truth behind our plight, the hardship, and the ongoing atrocities of black lives today helps to soften the blows of modern-day oppression. There is healing in learning biblical and historical discoveries. It satisfies the soul to know that God has not forgotten us--His Chosen People. We are etched on the palms of His hands (Isaiah 49:14-16). ​

In addition to traditional sermons and teachings from various leaders, Spirit of the Well will fashion a new multi-layered quilt.  A strong fabrication of our Negroes lives, historically woven together with in-depth knowledge of God and the awakening of our people.  I am not sure why God chose me to share my fundamental discoveries, but I am grateful He did. Having served 15 years as a Sunday School Teacher, I am motivated by the gift of discernment and a teachable spirit. 

So if you lack spiritual growth, follow my lead. Trust God in your weakness because that is where His strength is most effective. Go where the Holy Spirit leads you, explore God's truths, and be transformed. Jesus said in John 4:14: "Whosoever drink of the water that I give him shall never thirst. [It is] a well of water springing up into everlasting life." So drink up! Don't let your spiritual Well run dry. Blessings to the reader of these words.​​

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