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Discover Your 

 Hebrew Identity 

Then Claim It!

  • A SoulCafé

    Perfect for beginners looking for answers to start their Biblical Black Journey.
    Valid for 12 months

  • This ministry membership affirms that you are not alone in your black Hebrew heritage beliefs. We can prove that Negroes are the true Israelites of the Bible despite what the world says. You are now affiliated with a knowledgeable Bible-based Christian community that can support your testimony.  ($380.00 Value). 

  • Video training on the fundamentals of the Christian faith. resources make it easy to study the Bible fast with access to vetted Christian leaders who validate this truth and reveal Satan's deceptions about God and humanity(($360.00 Value). 

  • Bible commentary places you on the fast track to asking questions, initiating additional research, learning the Bible in the proper written context for logical understanding, and sharing with others.  ($370.00 Value). 


  • Get spiritual inspiration from the Bible to improve your prayer life, build your faith, and help friends and family heal from whitewashed theology and  Black Lives Matter wounds.  (Priceless)!

A silver crown
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