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Our Mission: Text
Our Mission: Text

Spirit of the Well is a virtual Christian Coffeehouse that embraces the idea of a healthy Christian community. It is where inquisitive minds can assemble to explore the origin of our people when led by the Most High God. We will help fortify your faith in the Lord, quench your thirst for biblical knowledge, and dispel the misconceptions about God's chosen people. Our ancestors were transported as slaves from the shores of Africa. African Americans are indeed one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. We are the descendants  of Judah. Join us to learn more.
Spirit of the Well derived its name from a historical bible account about The Samaritan Woman. The encounter is depicted in the Bible (John 4:4-42). During his travels, Jesus engaged in conversation with a woman at Jacob's Well. He asked her for a drink of water, but the woman questioned his motives due to their opposing ethnicity and conflicting beliefs. Upon his analogy of Living Water, the woman thought Jesus was a Prophet. To her astonishment, Jesus revealed her lifestyle, and sinful nature. Ultimately, He declared Himself as the Messiah.

Leaving her water jar behind, the Samaritan woman rushed to town and told others about her encounter. She speculated that Jesus could indeed be the Messiah. In amazement, many believed because of her persuasive testimony. Once the crowd heard his teachings for themselves, more of the Samaritans followed, and in a matter of 2 days, they declared Jesus as the true Savior of the world.
Similar to this account, Spirit of the Well wants to inspire you to come to this watering hole of knowledge. Drink from the living waters of God and share your persuasive testimony with others. In support from other Christian Leaders, we aspire to stimulate your thinking and challenge your biblical awareness. This Well is not meant to confirm your beliefs but to affirm God's Word as true. So go and fill a coffee mug with your favorite beverage and prepare to study with us. Blessings to the readers of these words. We pray for your edification. Amen!    

Our Mission: Text
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