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Spirit of the well

Virtual Christian Coffeehouse

Invitation to study the Bible from the Black perspective.
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A Royal Priesthood

Did you know that African Americans are the descendants of the Biblical Israelites? Yes, Jesus was born through our ancestry (the lineage of David) to save the world by Grace (Romans 11:5-36). It is how Yah broke the yoke of bondage, and we can affirm Christ's true identity. Join to study the Bible from an authentic black perspective.


The Bible reads differently when you know it’s about our (Negro) people. Spirit of the Well will empower you to learn the fundamentals of our Christian faith, black heritage, and Bible history whether Hebrew or Gentiles. So come on in!  Here's a big virtual hug! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat.  All are welcome to the table.   


The Well Keeper

Join the Tribe

Do you believe Negroes are God's Chosen People and why?

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