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Slavery and the Bible

Is there truly a physical connection between You and God

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The Awakening of the Christian Hebrew Church

Ever wonder why every aspect of slavery applies to black people except when it comes to acknowledging Negroes as God's Chosen people---the Israelites? Ever ask yourself, what does the Bible say about it? Upon reading scripture, you will find that the entire Bible is about the lineage of a specific people group.


The Lord is very intentional about what is documented about His people. He gives excellent details about the ancestry of the Israelites, including the sins that would overtake them and their current existence in the world today. This information may be unfamiliar to some, challenging to others to accept, and even denied by many. Nonetheless, It can all be proven with a Bible and a computer for historical validation.



Join us for a thought-provoking video where we explore the profound concept of understanding Israel in a biblical context. Discover the remarkable journey of this chosen nation and its transformation into a powerful force, all while unwaveringly devoted to one God.

We'll delve into key scriptures, such as Isaiah 42:8, where the Lord proclaims His name and refuses to share His glory with another. Isaiah 12:4 reminds us to give praise to the Lord and make His name known among the nations.

After watching, we invite you to share three valuable insights you've gained. Your perspective enriches our exploration of this topic and contributes to a deeper understanding. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together!

A Glimpse Into Our World

Understanding Israel

Truthunedited is recognized for its commitment to encouraging open discussion critical thinking, and providing a space for viewers to explore complex religious themes.

We are pleased to partner with the creator who's recognized for delving into issues related to biblical heritage, identity, and various aspects of Christian faith.

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