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Your Great Commission

Join us in leading Family and Friends to Christ

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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:19-20

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.   Matthew 4:19

Questions & Answers

1.  How can this website benefit me, my friends and family?

Do you know any lukewarm Christians? Perhaps you are one but fail to realize it. Spirit of the Well is ideal for those who feel hostage in society’s unescapable woes. World media subconsciously influence our decisions and impact our lives simply by suggesting that grimy is good and evil is ethical. Ever wonder how to fight back? Well, it is not through silence; you must know who you are in Christ. We speak biblical knowledge and not personal truths. If you want to strengthen your relationship with the Lord or commit to a new one but don’t quite know where to start, we can help. This coffeehouse is for people who wish to engage in informative Bible conversations but cannot connect with like-minded folk. This Ministry will help fill in the gap where your biblical knowledge or comfort level lacks truth.  

You will not be standing alone when needing a witness to validate scripture. Matthew 18:16 says: “But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” SOW will share biblical truth in its proper context. Unfortunately, the collective church is in transition. Aside from COVID-19, the world’s influences have infiltrated many Churches through legalism. The new age mantra is to religiously coexist. Our goal is not to replace your church learning but challenge it to enhance your knowledge during the week. Spirit of the Well wants to elevate your thinking and draw you into spiritual alignment with God’s Word and comprehension of end-time prophecies. Be privy to something positive, educational, and more meaningful than what world religion offers you.

2.  Do you teach that African American are God's chosen people of the Bible?

Yes, it is true. Most African American slave descendants are God's Chosen People. Although it may be hard for some to accept, studying the Bible will prove it to be true. World history and geographical findings will help fill in the gaps. Most enslaved African Americans are traced back to the Tribe of Judah (a1b1 Haplogroup). It is scientifically proven through DNA; moreover, the Bible initially identifies our ancestors by their curses for disobeying God (Deuteronomy 28:15-68). The first enslaved captives traveled by foot to Egypt; the second migration of enslaved people were transported by ships (Deut. 28:68). God punished His people for serving false gods. American slavery is our inherited curse. Be sure to read Judges 10:11-16. The Lord loves everyone and has redeemed humanity through Christ Jesus despite our sin.

During these end-time prophecies, God is awakening His chosen people--the Negros. When the first Transatlantic Slave Ship docked on Maryland's shores, the second Egyptian bondage began here in America, and the Bible has always revealed it. There are symbolic references throughout the United States identifying America as second Egypt. The Washington Monument is a clear indication as one of the largest obelisks in the world. Also, consider the well-circulated dollar bill with the pyramid and all-seeing eye signifying captivity.  Unfortunately, our black heritage has been cursed with great turmoil, from Egyptian slavery to modern-day slavery via the prison system. Bondage never really ended for us. Police brutality and other hardships are still reminders. Despite it all, we remain a Royal Priesthood in the spiritual. 

3.  Why should I subscribe or donate to this ministry, I can research it for free online?

It can be quite challenging to process biblical information from random sources, even confusing. Consider this: A church solo is beautiful yet appreciated all the more when supported by a choir. Spirit of the Well is the choir. We gather biblical information from the best voices accessible to us and bring you, spiritual counsel when needed the most. We seek to guide individuals to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Matthew 24:12-14 says: "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." Spirit of the Well is here for those who know in their hearts that they are missing out spiritually and need a bit more encouragement.

These individuals are not necessarily church attendees but yearn for the Lord's guidance every day. People like you need more structure beyond Sunday service, daily Bible verses, and quick prayers to satisfy their heart cries when left alone. Therefore, Spirit of the Well offers a healthy level of biblical knowledge. In this age of technology, we ascribe to reach every person who needs to know the fundamentals of the Bible---both young and old. So please help us to do our part. Let us Make Disciples together. Your financial support of this ministry will allow us to spread the word of Christ and strengthen people in the faith. Knowledge is power---no donation too small

4.  Why charge for Membership, if the goal is to reach people for Christ?

The most effective way for Spirit of the Well to evangelize with the Gospel of Christ is to lay a solid biblical foundation and build upon it. Please reference the Vision Cast page to see the direction in which The Most High God is leading this ministry. One of Christ's decrees for us is to share the gospel. To feed God's sheep, we have to buy and prepare the food. Moreover, when he sent His disciples out to preach, He taught them how to prepare for the journey. In Luke 9:3-5, He says, "Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money... If people do not welcome you, leave their town and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them." So building this ministry requires us to meet the need of the masses. Our work is of the Lord, and we trust He will provide financially through you so that we bless others.

It also brings me to the second point. Some of the messages we are sharing aren't for everybody. We are not just serving milk and baby food but meat and vegetables. We stand on certain biblical principles like the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. This teaching is a problem for modern-day thinkers. Also, to unapologetically declare that most African Americans and other negroes transported throughout the world via the Slave Trade are Hebrews, Israelites, The Lost Tribes. So let's not be deceived. This message is not welcoming to everyone. Spirit of the Well creates an atmosphere where we can collectively discuss kitchen conversations over coffee. So let him who has ears hear what the Lord is saying to His people.

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